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Basic & Advanced usage
Default Keys:
Gui Menu: Left Control
Console Menu: Right Control
The advanced usage video gives you an great idea on how to use WeepCraft you should watch this if your new or having issues figuring out how stuff works & means
About WeepCraft:
WeepCraft started out in the minecraft 1.7.3beta it was first showcased on youtube but after heavy demand & feedback it was quickly released
The name stands for Weep(Cry/Sadness)Craft(Maker/Creator) so CryMaker would what it stands for
It is a large client with tons of features & as a result of that might not be the best for a first time client user
Couple of weeks after the first release it was killswitched this was due to many people leeching the client & making money on it togather with a bunch of bugs it was easier to recode it
Some time passed & WeepCraft Reloaded was released way more stable with a more smooth base
WeepCraft is still being developed on & will most likely continue to be developed on for a long time

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